I highly recommend Victory Performance for agility and strength training. My 13 year old son has been training with Robert for 5+ years. This training has got my son in shape before every football season and has made him a successful lineman. Robert not only teaches physical skills but he also has had a hand in teaching him how to be an outstanding citizen. He is tough and pushes these kids to become the best that they can be. He is also very encouraging. If you have an athlete who wants to take it to the next level then Victory Performance is for your child!

Wendy Melander


My 12 year old son started this program 2 months ago and has grown in strength, stamina and most importantly confidence. I would strongly recommend this program to others. It’s also helped him sleep better and reduced his anxiety level. Every time he comes home from class he takes a shower and hits his pillow and is immediately out like a light. So glad we found out about this program!

Christine Atha

I have been personal training with Robert Gray for 2 years now to improve on certain skills. It has been much more than that. His attention to detail, his ability to read exactly where you are at, and his ability to encourage you through the tough portions are second to none. My kids have watched my progress and wanted to improve their skills as well. My children have been trained by Robert for 2 seasons now and they both have seen huge improvements within their chosen sports of basketball, soccer, cross country, and golf. Robert has a natural affinity to coaching the youth and my kids respond very well to his teachings. They look forward to training with him every week and we are so incredibly grateful that his training is available to us locally. Thank you Robert Gray for all that you do for our family!